Warning! TerraInveditDroid is outdated! You should use TerraInveditRootless or TerraInveditDroid Reborn instead! TerraInveditDroid is the first and original member of the TerraInvedit family. Development started in very early 2015 when I figured out that there is Terraria for Android. Due to people complaining about them not having root or Google search, I took the original video down which had around 97k views. Luckily nor the Terraria Team or 505 Games took the video down, it was me. The original video is back up with comments disabled if you still care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb2KuKJ4nv8 I uploaded the latest apk I could find. Please link to this page instead of the link below if you want to share this! Thanks! https://sono.9net.org/app/TerraInveditDroid/data/TerraInveditDroid.apk Oh also, one last thing: the Blowfish key is 9ae3efe6a4debdeb8290eabd5f832ad4 :)