If you already know how to use this then feel free to download the exe right now. It is advisable however that you follow the setup guide first to learn how to use this. If you're here from TerraInveditDroid Reborn then here is the video if you want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAfJqovNxKo If you have a rooted device then you should look at TerraInveditDroid, but nothing prevents you from using this on a rooted device.

Table of Contents


Yes, you heard it right! TerraInveditRootless is the first (and probably only) inventory editor for the Android version of Terraria which works without rooting your device or voiding its warranty*1. However due to unrooted Android phones not having enough permissions, this runs on a PC/laptop in order to access the data on your device. So now you may say to yourself, This is too good to be true! Where are the surveys and the ads and the viruses? Nowhere. Look at where you are... This program is made by the author of the original TerraInveditDroid and TerraInveditThreedee, so this is got to be real (and it is)! Even if I make something fake, at least it's still somewhat functional :)
  1. the warranty of your device should not be voided by using this program, but the Terraria Team and 505 Games don't support inventory editing, so if your world or player file gets corrupted then that voids your support
If you are still worried about using this program, read this.

Get started

Before you can download and use this, you first need to make sure that you have everything set up, otherwise you'll be stuck trying to figure out what went wrong, and you'll just get frustrated. Here is what you need:



Once you have everything ready, download TerraInveditRootless.exe into a folder. If you try to start TerraInveditRootless at this point, you'll most likely get an error saying Can't connect to the adb server. Is it running? If you have installed the universal adb drivers, there should be a Start Menu entry named "Start ADB Server". Just click that and wait until a message box pops up saying "Adb server started". Alternatively, if you downloaded the binaries separately, open a command prompt in the directory of the adb executable and run adb start-server.


This would be a good time to connect your device if you haven't already. It's also advised to exit Terraria safely and close it completely. Open TerraInveditRootless, and after a few seconds at worst your device should show up in the list. Click on the device you want to use, then click "Read player list". It should ask you to confirm the backup of your device. Optionally, if you were forced to enter a password you'll be prompted to enter the same password you just entered. It's safe to do so because the password doesn't get stored after you enter it. Once you started backing up, the text below the button should display a lot of file names. This is normal, and is used to display which file is being transferred. For larger files it should display how much is left of the transfer. Once the backup is complete, you'll be prompted with the player list.

Editing players

Before we dig any deeper, I highly advise you to open Terraria Wiki on a new tab. From the player list you can select which players you want to edit. As long as you keep the player selector open, you can edit all of the players at once if you wanted. To edit a player, just double-click the name and it'll open the editor. The player editor will look confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it it'll look very easy to use. With the help of the Terraria Wiki and CTRL-F you can find the numbers you need. Once you finished editing your player, you can click the big Save button on the top of the window, or click Cancel or ESC to cancel your edits.

Restoring players

Note: at the point of writing this, you can't restore any player files if you were forced to enter a password to backup your data. This notice will be removed once this feature is fully bug-free. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Once you have finished editing your players, you can click "Restore" to start the restore process. The restore process will take a while. If you cancel the restore process you can backup your save for later use. That's it, have fun!

Bonus content!

Since update 181030 you can also mess with cloud saves! Just SHIFT+DoubleClick on "Idle" or "adb version" and you can open the player file and edit it! Sadly though you can't fool the game with cloud saves, so this only works if you have lost your save and want to edit them for later use. Since update 181105 you can restore local backups! Just ALT+DoubleClick on "Idle" or "adb version" and you'll be prompted to open your backup file. From there you can edit and inject stuff you want and restore it. Since update ?????? you can edit local backups directly! Just CTRL+ALT+DoubleClick on "Idle" or "adb version" and you'll be prompted to open your backup file. From there you can edit and inject stuff, then save it back to the original file, or save it as a new backup file.

Concerns about this program

This program can be used to edit player files. It should go without saying that you should be very careful what player files you flash back to your device! I have found a few ways an attacker could abuse the player file (and should be detected by TerraInveditRootless), but even if a player file manages to bypass my filters you should be still cautious for what files you flash back! It's a lot safer to edit the player file using TerraInveditRootless itself. It really takes at most ~5mins to do so. The program TerraInveditRootless is provided without any warranty, and I'm not responsible for any damage done to your device, its warranty, your save file, or anything else. Even though I have put extensive measures to prevent any data corruption (TerraInveditRootless will crash on purpose if that happens), but if you try to bruteforce something which TerraInveditRootless tries to prevent, you can only blame yourself. The owner of 9net.org is not responsible for this content.


Initial release

- ability to edit, backup, and restore saves - edit encrypted saves


- add warnings about banned and removed items - custom adb library written from scratch - device selector


- hidden local save editor - cloud save file format support - added updater button


- add player and world inject functionality thanks to this idea - fix backup file restore - some internal changes