TerraInveditDroid Reborn

TerraInveditDroid Reborn is the latest member of the TerraInvedit family. It superseds its predecessor, TerraInveditDroid by speed, stability, and looks by margins. When I was working on TerraInveditDroid, I barely had any experience with app development and reverse engineering, but as time went on and I got better at both reverse engineering and develoment, I haven't seen any apps in those almost four years (early 2015 to late 2018) which would replace it, so I decided that using my better knowledge to rewrite TerraInveditDroid from scratch. TerraInveditDroid Reborn uses TerraInveditRootless' code, so if you don't have root then you should check it out! A new addition is the ability to edit Terraria 1.3 savefiles. Because Terraria 1.3 stores your saves in an accessible location, TerraIneditDroid Reborn can edit those without root! Sadly older versions of Terraria Mobile still require root to be able to access the savefile. If you don't have root then take a look at TerraInveditRootless. TerraInveditDroid Reborn is still in development. If you want to know when it's going to be released then keep visiting this page every week to see if it's released yet.